Vacuum Freeze Drying
Water damage restoration.

Document Reproduction
Replication and copying.

Recover important media.

Books and Documents
Recover archives or libraries.


Whether it's documents damaged by fire or water, our proprietary document recovery process is surpassed by nobody in the industry. That's why Document Restoration Services is the leader in the industry.
Visit our examples gallery to see the types of damages that our team of experts in document recovery have successfully restored in the past.

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About Our Company

Document Restoration Services is the industry leader in document restoration and recovery services. Combining experience, training and state of the art technology, we can restore documents damaged by fire or water.

Document restoration has been a specialty service of Document Restoration Services for many years. Medical records, x-ray film, electronic media, books, files and just about any type of document has been successfully restored by our professional and knowledgeable staff.

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